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Installing TensorFlow for CPU on Ubuntu using virtualenv.

This blog explains how to install TensorFlow on Ubuntu using Virtualenv. Virtualenv is a virtual Python environment isolated from other Python development, incapable of interfering with or being affected by other Python programs on the same machine. To start working with TensorFlow, you simply need to “activate” the virtual environment. All in all, virtualenv provides a safe and reliable mechanism for installing and running TensorFlow.

Take the following steps to install TensorFlow with virtualenv.


Step 1: Install pip and virtualenv by issuing following commands:

TensorFlow Step 1

Step 2: Create a virtualenv environment by issuing the following commands:

The preceding source command should change your prompt to the following:

Tensorflow step 2

Step 3:

Activate the virtualenv environment by issuing one of the following commands:

The preceding source command should change your prompt to the following:

TensorFlow step 3


Step 4:

Issue one of the following commands to install TensorFlow in the active virtualenv environment:

TensorFlow step 4


No module named tensorflow

Activate TensorFlow

Note that you must activate the virtualenv environment each time you use TensorFlow. If the virtualenv environment is not currently active, invoke one of the following commands:

When the virtualenv environment is active, you may run TensorFlow programs from this shell. Your prompt will become the following to indicate that your tensorflow environment is active:

active tensorflow environment


Deactivate TensorFlow

you may deactivate the TensorFlow environment by invoking the deactivate function as follows:

Run TensorFlow program

Enter the following short program inside the python interactive shell:

The preceding source code should change your prompt to the following.

TensorFlow Hello World



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